Nine Lives

Nine Lives


The story of nine strangers who receive a cryptic list with their names on it - and then begin to die in highly unusual circumstances.

Nine strangers receive a list with their names on it in the mail. Nothing else, just a list of names on a single sheet of paper. None of the nine people know or have ever met the others on the list. They dismiss it as junk mail, a fluke - until very, very bad things begin happening to people on the list. First, a well-liked old man is drowned on a beach in the small town of Kennewick, Maine. Then, a father is shot in the back while running through his quiet neighborhood in suburban Massachusetts. A frightening pattern is emerging, but what do these nine people have in common? Their professions range from oncology nurse to aspiring actor.

FBI agent Jessica Winslow, who is on the list herself, is determined to find out. Could there be some dark secret that binds them all together? Or is this the work of a murderous madman? As the mysterious sender stalks these nine strangers, they find themselves constantly looking over their shoulders, wondering who will be crossed off next....

About Authors

Peter Swanson Peter Swanson

Peter Swanson is the author of six novels including The Kind Worth Killing, winner of the New England Society Book Award, and finalist for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, Her Every Fear, an NPR book of the year, and his most recent thriller, Eight Perfect Murders. His books have been translated into 30 languages, and his stories, poetry, and features have appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, The Atlantic Monthly, Measure, The Guardian, The Strand Magazine, and Yankee Magazine. A graduate of Trinity College, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Emerson College, he lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with his wife and cat.

تسع حيوات

تسع حيوات

عن الكتاب


عن الكاتب

بيتر سوانسون بيتر سوانسون

مؤلف رواية "فئة تستحق القتل" التي فازت بجائزة نيو إنجلاند سوسايتي للكتاب في الأدب، نُشرت العديد من قصصه وقصائده في The Atlantic" وThe Vocabulary Review"، من بين العديد من المنشورات الأخرى. حصل على درجاته العلمية من كلية ترينيتي، جامعة ماساتشوستس في أميرست، وكلية إمرسون. يعيش سوانسون مع زوجته في سومرفيل، ماساتشوستس، حيث يعمل على إنهاء روايته القادمة.