The End of Her

The End of Her


It starts with a shocking accusation...

Stephanie and Patrick are recently married, with new-born twins. While Stephanie struggles with the disorienting effects of sleep deprivation, there’s one thing she knows for certain – she has everything she ever wanted.

Then a woman from his past arrives and makes a shocking accusation about his first wife. He always claimed her death was an accident – but she says it was murder.

He insists he’s innocent, that this is nothing but a blackmail attempt. But is Patrick telling the truth? Or has Stephanie made a terrible mistake?

How will it end?

About Authors

Shari Lapena Shari Lapena

Shari Lapina, a Canadian novelist born in 1960, worked as a lawyer and teacher of English before starting her literary career, and she wrote two award-winning novels, before writing her high-selling novel in Canada and around the world, and supplemented it with four novels, most recently released in 2020. Two Awards Nominations: Sunburst and Stephen Leacock.



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عن الكاتب

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عملت شاري لابينا، الروائية الكنديّة من مواليد عام ١٩٦٠، مُحاميةً ومدرّسةً للغة للإنكليزية قبل أن تبدأ مسيرتها الأدبية، وقد كتبت روايتين حائزتين على جوائز، قبل أن تكتب روايتها التي حققت مبيعات عالية في كندا وحول العالم، وألحقتها بأربعِ روايات صدرَت آخرها عام ٢٠٢٠. تم ترشيحها إلى جائزتيّ: سانبرست وستيفن ليكوك.