About us

Since the foundation of our publishing house, Aser Al-Kotob, and even years before that on our eminent Facebook group, we set our mission to facilitate the readers' journey and make it easer for them to be in contact with their favorite authors. And although our ambitions and goals were larger than a Facebook group, our relationship with our readers has been ignited and fostered there. And by establishing our publishing house, on the 9th of September 2014, we could aid our readers in buying their preferred books and find them in every bookstore. We have, since then, published around 300 original Arabic titles, and around 70 translated titles, and we aim to level up our rates in the next couple of years. 
You will find us yearly in 9 national, 14 regional, and 3 international book-fairs as well as in our stationary book shops around Egypt. We are now spreading further to many other locations around Egypt not just the main cities. 

Number of the Employees: 47

Forty seven personnel are divided into small groups to cover the whole association departments; translation, editing, illustrating, production, and distribution, in addition to the sales team and the bookstores' teams. As we run 3 independent branches under our brand name. And the last 3 months we got to run 3 stands in 3 different  Carrefour branches in the most famous malls in Cairo.


  1. 1- Mansourah Branch.
  2. 2- ZagaZig Branch
  3. 3- Alexandria Branch
  4. 4- Stand on Carrefour Dandy mall.
  5. 5- Stand on Carrefour city center Almaza.
  6. 6- Stand on Carrefour city center Al-Oubour.


    1. 1- The best publishing house at the year 2019 by Egyptian publishers association.
    2. 2- The best stand at the Cairo international book fair by General book authority.

Our Mission: We exist for the idea of creating an Arab young cultured reader.

Our Vision: The Social Development starts with a book in a child hand.